Mom (poem on mother)

by Jade chiKahn, Thursday, September 06, 2018, 05:00 (98 days ago)

This is for a special person
Who will alwayshave a special place in my heart
This goes out to mom

Thanks for being there
I'm happy that you care
And that you love me

You sacrified so much
Just so I could be here
You're so strong

You're a beautiful person
Inside and out
I don't ever want you to change

Yeah, you get on my nerves
It happens
But in the end
I know that my mom is watching over me
Smiling and watching over my every move

I struggle
And I make mistakes
And that's why you're here
To help me

I'm crying inside as I write this
The love I have for you is so infinite
I can't put it in words

I love you from the very bottom of my heart
I swear
As long as I have blood rushing through my veins
And as long as I have oxygen in my body
I will always, even beyond that
I will always love you

And whenever I feel like I wished you were gone
I'll just remember this
But mom,
Just know that I love you, mom
I love you

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